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Living room decoration


Living room decoration with plants is like having live sculptures in the space, which change as the years and seasons pass!

Διακόσμηση σαλονιού

Are you tired of the lifeless decoration of your living room? Decorating a living room with plants will add natural beauty to your space. When we talk about plants in the living room we do not mean cut flowers in a vase. We mean plants in pots that can accompany you for many years.

You do not need a court-sized living room to have plants. Most indoor plants take up little space (there are some trees if you have a little more space). Another advantage is that many plants do not have special lighting requirements, which is necessary when you have only a few windows.

Even if you have no experience, know that most of the houseplants are quite easy to keep alive. Regardless of your skill level, your taste or the space you have at your disposal, there is an indoor plant for everyone. Your dreams in the inner paradise of the garden are going to come true.

In order to be able to decorate your living room with plants you should think of each pot as a piece of home furniture. This is especially true if the plants are in pots for the floor. If the pot is small then you consider it as a decorative object.

As for the plant, you should also take this into account, because depending on the plant and its requirements, you should place it in the right place in the house.

Other plants need light, so they may need to be placed in front of a window or balcony door. Others do not want too much heat, so you will avoid places next to a radiator, etc. Read about their requirements and take care of them accordingly. Do not hesitate to change their position if you realize that something is wrong where you have placed it.

Ideally you should incorporate in your living room plants of the same requirements and the same family. But if you like plants and have enough, then group them. For example, you will not put an orchid next to a cactus. Grouping makes them easier to maintain and care for.

Small plants such as succulents and cacti can be conveniently placed on a small table. But think a little about the future… Some cacti with proper care grow tall enough in the house. Ideally such plants should be transferred to the balcony from spring to autumn.

TIP1: Avoid the classic plastic pots and pots. Choose something more sophisticated that will be able to accompany you for years to come.

TIP2: You do not need to make your living room jungle. The water that holds the soil in the pots of your plants can cause an increase in humidity if you have too many plants with frequent watering requirements.

TIP3: Watch out for allergies. Some people in your home may be allergic to certain types of plants. Be prepared to leave your favorite plants in such a case.

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