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The best indoor plants for beginners

Διαλέγοντας φυτά εσωτερικού χώρου

Start your journey in the magical world of plants, choosing one of the plants on the list!

Plants are the absolute trend in interior decoration, as they give immediate beauty, color and vitality to the space! However, there are many who avoid choosing them, for fear of their high care requirements. If you belong to this category, it’s time to relax, because in this article we will help you choose the right plants for every novice owner!

Below you will find a list of indoor plants that do not require daily and strenuous care to take the first step in their wonderful green world! To help you even more, we give you basic care tips!


At the top of the list is Sansevieria, widely known as the “mother tongue” or “snake plant”. This plant is really the ideal choice for an inexperienced grower, since its care needs are minimal. Sansevieria can survive for weeks without moisture and do not need direct sunlight, which makes them the perfect plant for you who constantly forget about watering!

Care instructions

Lightning: Prefers spots wtih bright light, with indirect light, but also adapts to low light conditions

Watering: Allow the soil to dry before watering, and make sure it drains well after watering. Excessive moisture in the substrate can cause root rot. It needs sparse watering, every 20-30 days, depending on the prevailing conditions.

Fertilizing: All species of the genus Sansevieria are low-maintenance plants. Apply fertilizer for green plants once a month.


Another great choice for you who are just starting your “journey” in the wonderful world of plants is the super durable zamia! This is an extremely popular house and office plant, whose low care requirements make it a great choice for those of you who do not yet have proper plant care planning! Zamias are basically indestructible, as they can survive in various environments. If you really can not keep any plant alive, this is your plant!

Care instructions

Lightning: It can live in conditions of moderate to bright light, while tolerating partial shade. Avoid direct sunlight.

Watering: This plant does not like moisture at all and is very resistant to drought. Water it lightly every 20-30 days.

Fertilizing: During the growing season, apply fertilizer for green plants every 15 days.


Although aloe is widely known for its healing properties, it is also an excellent suggestion for any novice grower! This is a slow growing plant with thick and fleshy leaves, which is considered very easy to care for!

Care instructions

Lightning: Place it in a place that receives indirect light, as direct exposure to sunlight can cause severe burns to its foliage. An ideal location is a south-facing window.

Watering: Prefers dry conditions. Water it and then let it dry to a depth of 5 cm before the next watering. In winter the quantities of water we provide must be drastically reduced. It is necessary that the water we provide during watering, drains very well, because the excess water in its substrate can destroy its root system.

Fertilizing: No need for regular lubrication. Rarely, fertilizer with increased phosphorus can be applied during the growing season.


Apart from being imposing and elegant, Howea is also very durable! It is characterized by its large leaves, which grow in the form of fans that lean gracefully downwards, giving an exotic tone to your space. This is a slow growing plant with minimal care requirements!

Care instructions

Lightning: It withstands both shade and bright, indirect light. However, avoid excessive sun exposure or excessive darkness.

Watering: During the growing season, the substrate should not dry completely between waterings. As a tropical species it has become accustomed to its soil being moist at all times, but without overdoing its watering. In winter, reduce the amount of water with which it is irrigated, compared to the summer months and leave the substrate to dry slightly.

Fertilizing: Apply fertilizer suitable for green plants once a month, all year round.


We continue our list of favorite ivy! This is a plant plant of very low requirements, which can be grown both outdoors and indoors. We suggest you place it in a hanging basket in your bathroom!

Care instructions

Lightning: Avoid places where the light is direct and bright. It can live comfortably in places with low light intensities, but prefers indirect abundant light. It grows comfortably under artificial light, which makes it an ideal plant for offices or other indoor spaces.

Watering: Water when the top of the pot starts to dry out, as excess moisture can irreparably damage the plant. In winter, watering should be reduced.

FertilizingUse fertilizer once a month during the growing season. It is not necessary to lubricate during the winter.


Peperomia and its various varieties, are easy to care for, drought resistant and are an excellent choice for novice owners. Especially, Peperomia variegata has a compact appearance and is suitable for growing in low or fluorescent light, making it ideal for offices and shady places.

Care instructions

Lightning: It prefers moderate lighting conditions, but can tolerate partial shade. In any case, direct sunlight should be avoided. They grow very well under fluorescent lights, making them ideal for the office or other interiors.

Watering: It needs watering when the soil is almost dry. Water is stored in its leaves, which makes it very resistant to drought.

Fertilizing: Apply fertilizer suitable for green plants every 15 days during the growing season and once a month for the rest of the season.

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