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Plants and light

How do we find the right place for our plants? Plants and light is one of the most common question topics we receive in relation to indoor plants, concerns the correct position they should take in your space, in order to receive the lighting they need! Follow the care instructions given for each plant when […] Read more


The best indoor plants for beginners Start your journey in the magical world of plants, choosing one of the plants on the list! Plants are the absolute trend in interior decoration, as they give immediate beauty, color and vitality to the space! However, there are many who avoid choosing them, for fear of their high […] Read more

Living room decoration

Living room decoration with plants is like having live sculptures in the space, which change as the years and seasons pass! Are you tired of the lifeless decoration of your living room? Decorating a living room with plants will add natural beauty to your space. When we talk about plants in the living room we […] Read more