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Plants and light


How do we find the right place for our plants?

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Plants and light is one of the most common question topics we receive in relation to indoor plants, concerns the correct position they should take in your space, in order to receive the lighting they need! Follow the care instructions given for each plant when buying from our online store, keeping in mind the different light grades, as analyzed below:

Sunny location – direct sunlight

A sunny place is considered to be the one that receives direct sunlight, all day or a large part of it. It is generally good to keep in mind that windows facing south receive sunlight for most of the day, while windows facing east receive sunlight for several hours in the morning and those facing east. west, illuminated several hours in the afternoon. Of course, the power of sunlight also depends on the orientation of the room. This means that the rooms facing south receive more bright light.

Filtered sunlight – indirect sunlight

By filtered sunlight we mean that sunlight, which is “filtered” by passing through a transparent curtain or a shutter, or which is blocked by a tree or a building that is outside. If the above data are not available and we have only sunny windows facing south, east or west, we calculate a distance between 1 or 1.5 meters from them to place our plants.

Shady place

As a shady position, we consider the one that receives neither direct nor indirect sunlight, but this does not mean that we are talking about a point without any light. This level of light is usually found in windows facing north. Shady position can also be considered the placement of a plant at a distance of more than 1.5 or 2 meters from a bright window.

In general, if you have any doubts about the amount of light your plant needs, we urge you to place it in a place that is illuminated by filtered light, as on the one hand there are few plants that love direct sunlight and on the other hand Poor light is less harmful to the health of your plants than excessive light.